At Gurlan Global Teks, a total of about 1,200 employees work together to produce and deliver affordable and world-class clothing to our people. Several of them are involved in the management of the overall process, and this is one of the key factors in the rapid and timely completion of the work.

The first half of the repair work, which began in the coming days, has been completed in the building, which was allocated for the convenience and quality of work of this management team. Now spacious and comfortable rooms and furniture with all amenities and other equipment of the room have been commissioned. It is safe to say that this, in turn, was a matter of gratitude to the staff.

The upper part of the administration building, the second floor, was repaired and handed over to the staff. Now the repair work is underway on the first floor of the building, and according to our plans, this floor will soon be commissioned in a comfortable and comfortable, modern condition. Through some of the photos below, you can see that after the renovation, the rooms have become beautiful, modern and comfortable.